A beautiful and scenic retreat year round that caters to every taste. In a land of beautiful majestic mountains, and clean, sandy beaches, Fthiotida is a picturesque destination located in central Greece. Fthiotida is well known for its beautiful summer resorts and mountain villages covered in oak trees, as well as the modern ski resorts and the many facets of Greek history scattered around the region. There are also many thermal springs that are equipped with tourism possibilities. 
In Lamia you will view the pine covered slopes of Mt. Othris lying very near the Sperhios River. A Frankish castle sits above on a hillside, dominating the city from the stones of an ancient acropolis. On a separate hillside sit’s the 18th century church of Agios Loukas with a majestic view of the Maliac Gulf. A museum in Lamia holds a fabulous collection of Classical and Hellenistic archaeological pottery, sculpture, and statues. 
Just 18 kilometers of Lamia lies Thermopylae. Here you will find the statue of Leonidas and the cenotaph of his 300 Spartans from the battle in 480 BC. Thermal springs bubble nearby, and just 3km away is the historic bridge of Alamana. 
To the north is another very popular resort/spa called Kamena Vourla. This resort is well known for its healing waters and typical Mediterranean climate. Coastal towns in this region are well known for their beautiful beaches and fresh fish dishes, prepared in a true authentic Fthiotidan style. 


K a l o s k o p i (Koukouvista), an attractive tourist location to the north of Giona at a height of 1,040m. It offers magnificent views, abundant spring water, a healthy climate and beautiful locations. It is the perfect place for a summer holiday. It was also the birthplace of the brave hero of the War of Independence, Papa- Andrea Mori.










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